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February 16, 2007



Wahoo! It's your birthday! I wish I was there to hug you, blow bubbles in your wake, and throw confetti all day long! I would wear a little fairy outfit complete with striped socks and a wand. What do you think? Whould you like this my love. I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you. Have a great day!!! Much love.


Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope you're having a wonderful day! Are you a Pisces or Aquarius? No wonder I like you...I am a Pisces, but I arrived late, so I was supposed to be an Aquarius...anyhoo...hope all is well, and hope to see you soon. We'll be in Phoenix for the mega regional. Hope to see you soon! xoxo, Cara


Happy Birthday sweet kitten!

I know...I wish we were so much closer on a daily basis. I'm still dreaming of our group house idea. And our Japan trip too. So much we have yet to do together. But I look forward to it, over the years, sharing more and more.

Thank you for being such an excellent friend through thick and thin. You've been such an incredible support to me - I wish I had more time to give back to you.

I wish this year to be fabulous and amazing.


happy birthday, cupcake. and many more!


I love you cause you are a woman of great conviction. Cause you make me smile. Cause you will always be "Pooter" to me. Cause you family makes me happy, and you make me happier. Cause you gave me a warm and cozy place to hang my head for years, even when your folks did not always know it. Cuz we have a West Coast realtionship as well. Cause you call Tony, "Antonio." Cause you left paint prints on our walls with your boobies. Cause you are such a huge, (Pronounced "Yuge.") Part of my life. Happy Birthday to a dear dear loved one.


Dearest mommyrachel,
I thought about you all day yesterday leading into today and even wrote your name on my hand so I would remember to send you bday wishes. And then i didnt have to remember because you sent this email. I have never written on a blog before. This is my virgin blog. Happiest bday to you MR. I hope that everyone is nice to you and gives you cake and other treats. If I were there I would certainly do that myself. miss you!xoxoxxoo love heidi


And a lovely, happy birthday to you. I hope you enjoy generous helpings of butterscotch pudding and enjoy your day. You are STILL younger than me, and, teeth aside, will not catch up. :-)


Oh my sweet sweet Rachel, I am so glad that you wree born! And again I feel that this year will be one of your best, cause you just keep on getting better my dear. I am hard pressed for a favorite memory as there are waaay to many to remember, I just know that we are kindered spirits and my wish for you this year is to hold tight to what it is that your heart truly desires. You deserve this! Happy birthday my dearest, big love. XT


I don't wanna be a blawg hawg,
so check out:


More Birthday Love to you Sweetnes, xoxoxo

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